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Contrary to popular belief, corporate and retail security is not just about hiring security guards to man your doors. Instead, it refers to how you manage all matters that could affect the safety of your business, your employees, and your patrons.

It also includes precautionary measures to prevent proprietary information from being leaked out.

You need a concrete action program to support your commitment to retail and corporate security in London.

Elite Squad can help you reach your business goals by improving the security weakness of your business.

We are not a mere security company who just deploys security guards. We are a security consulting company who understand the evolving needs of retail and corporate businesses.

Our London team can provide you with cost effective corporate security services to protect your company's property, assets, personnel, environment, and information from damage, accident, or criminal activity. Our aim is not only to secure your organisation, but also to improve your reputation as a place where people can safely work, visit, or do business.

If you would like to discuss your retail or corporate security needs, please contact us via our website contact us form or by calling us free on 08006889498.