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Designed to Escort and Protect Your Goods and members of staff from pick up point all the way to the final destination.

This Special Unit is composed of Close Protection Operatives Only.

By using Elite Squad’s services, you will Increase your Goods and Staff Safety.

Through our Proper Assessment, we increase the Efficiency in Transporting Values on Public Roads and we Reduce the Risk of employees of our clients being physical attacked and robbed.

We combine effectively the Safe Transportation and Escort of your Staff and Goods.

Elite Squad uses unmarked vehicles for Total Protection of Your Goods.

Those vehicles are contactable at any time, through the use of different systems such as GPRS, Company Mobile Phone and in the near future a Private Network Systems. These monitoring and control mechanisms allow full interaction with the vehicles, both in terms of Safety and Operational Logistics.

Among the many services we provide, we collect, deliver and transports:

  • Notes and Coins
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Cheques
  • Jewels
  • Special Watches
  • Other goods of high value