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Elite Squad provides mobile patrol 24/7 in our service areas

All patrol vehicles are driven by a trained operative. In order to qualify, our guards must be CPR/First aid certified, have two years of experience in the security field, and have the appropriate profile to carry on this duty.

Our Vehicles

Elite Squad uses several different types of vehicles for various operations and client’s needs. All vehicles are equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, jumper cables, two-way radios, spotlights, and a large number of other safety equipment.

Service and Options

Elite Squad provides layered protection with the use of a 24-hours dispatcher, mobile patrol units, and watch commanders. Our various levels of protection ensure that each officer has the back-up protection that he/she needs, and that each property is safely guarded for the specified shift.

What do we look for when on patrol?

  • Checking exterior doors, windows, entrances and automatic gates.
  • Checking on late night employees to ensure their safety
  • Checking for safety hazards in the property
  • Checking for vagrants & trespassers and removing them from the property
  • Deterrence of criminal activity
  • Identifying unauthorized vehicles in parking lots and having them ticketed or removed.
  • Locking and unlocking doors and entry ways at designated times.
  • Patrol services pay be combined with alarm response assistance for better protection.
  • Walking the premises in confunction with officers patrol duties.