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At Elite Squad our aim is to be different, standing out from our competitors. We intend to be the company that establishes solid relations of confidence with its clients, a company to be identified in the security market as the truly consultants and specialists in security services. Those are few of the reasons why we will stand out and proof our differences in contrast to the actual security market.

We know security, we advise and accompany our clients. We have the capability to identify the necessities and shortage and we are able to give answers to each case.

We are not just one more security services provider, at Elite Squad we consider ourselves to be Consultants, Advisors and Helpers that prides ourselves on our high standards of customer services, image of the company and are proud to have a system in place that works and reflects on our method of operating.

Our selection process and training are, with no doubt, the most rigorous and demanding in the Security Industry. To provide quality security operatives, all Elite Squad Global Security & Protection candidates undergo a thorough background check. All candidates are interviewed by a “three-man” senior management team to ensure we’re selecting the right candidate for our training program.

After our pre-selection process, selected candidates embark on an intensive 1-week training course.

The Basic Security Operative course covers a wide range of many topics, dealing from residential and commercial security concerns to terrorism and surveillance detection. First Aid and Small Fire Fighting training are also part of the curriculum.

Candidates must pass the theatrical exams and practical exercises in order to incorporate our company.

Finally, all our Security Operatives must attend a mandatory recertification training every three years. We recognize the importance of refreshing the knowledge of our security force and in upgrading courses depending upon the evolving security threats.